Annual Diocesan Appeal

ADA 2018

“Sharing the Joy of the Gospel, Together in Christ” is this year’s Annual Diocesan Appeal theme for the Diocese of San Jose. Every year, faithful Catholics from 54 parishes and missions within Santa Clara County, contribute generously to support common services and programs in the Diocese.

Message from Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

Each year, I write to enlist your support of our Annual Diocesan Appeal.  Your generosity makes possible many of the pastoral projects that serve our growing community here in Santa Clara County and beyond.

The theme we have chosen Sharing the Joy of the Gospel ~ Together in Christ, is both a challenge and a consolation.  Indeed, the Gospel – “Good News” – is the cause of our joy and our hope; ours is a faith rooted in the goodness of God, poured out in our world and in our lives.  We share this joy as we reach out to others, especially those on the peripheries of life: the hungry and homeless, the stranger and newcomer, and those who have not yet heard the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

During this past year, we have inaugurated a new Department for Evangelization, which comprises the work that had been done by the Office for Pastoral Services.  Through the unifying lenses of Word, Worship and Witness, the thrust of the Department is in encounter and accompaniment of the people entrusted to our care and to spreading the Good News, sharing the joy of the Gospel with all.

Your continued support will further the work of our Offices of Youth and Young Adults, Faith Formation, Multi-Cultural Ministries and so many more, while furthering the efforts of our Office for Vocations in recruiting and preparing men to serve our local Church as priests for many decades to come.

As I thank you for your generosity in these past years, I join with you in looking toward a future that is even brighter as we share the joy of knowing the Lord Jesus and His Gospel and walking together with Him.

Please know that you and your family remain in my daily Mass and prayers.

With every best wish and kind regard, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Patrick J. McGrath
Bishop of San Jose

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Where Your ADA Money Goes


Together we are

• An estimated 117,394 registered Catholic families in 54 parishes and missions
• 323 diocesan and religious priests assigned by Bishop McGrath to do ministry
• 318 religious sisters and brothers assigned by Bishop McGrath to do ministry
• 150 individuals in ministry training through the ILM
• 7 seminarians – 3 candidates for priesthood ordination in 2018
• 36 permanent deacons

Together we grow

• 7,112 students in 6 Catholic high schools
• 8,591 students in 28 Catholic elementary schools
• 670 students in Catholic pre-K programs
• 16,161 children and youth in parish faith formation programs
• 1,757 teachers and staff

Together we celebrate our sacraments

• 16,630 Sacraments Recorded
• 20,877 ministered to in our jails

Together we gather in Mass in many languages

Chinese, Croatian, English, Italian, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, American Sign Language and more.


***100% of all payments over our goal will be returned to our parish.